A Collector membership is for individuals of all levels of expertise that are looking to establish relationships with other reputable collectors and sellers through membership with the GMA. Collector members enjoy access to the private GMA social network (messaging, forums, groups), access to a rich library of content, voting rights, author status, uploading their collections to CoMets, and other benefits listed below.


Collector member dues are normally $35/year, but reduced for 2021 to $20. The membership renewal period begins Nov. 15 of each year and the membership expires on Dec. 31.

How Your Dues Are Used

The Global Meteorite Association, Inc. is a registered nonprofit and uses your dues to service programs like education and outreach, manage the operation of the organization including costs associated with the website, and other activities run by the Board. No board member or volunteer receives any compensation for their time or efforts. Your dues are used strictly for the benefit of GMA members and the community at large. The GMA adheres to a strict Conflicts of Interest Policy and accounts for all monies spent in its annual financial statements.

Benefits & Limitations

1Biographical ProfileStandard biographical profile accessible by members onlyStandard biographical profile accessible by members only
2VisibilityBasic listing on public membership page onlyBasic listing on public membership page only
3SellingRestricted sales*No sales under GMA
4Groups / ForumsCreate general meteorite-related groups and forums.Participate in existing groups and forums
5Onsite Classified AdsPaid and limited to 2 classified ads / monthNone
6Private MessagingTo all Business & Collector membersNone
7CoMets (Catalog of Meteorites)Unrestricted – create new entries, add to existing entriesView only
8AccessAccess to all content except content locked by another business owner. Access to all content except content locked by another business owner.
9GMA Membership Logo & BadgeYes: Personalized membership Collector logo with member ID
Yes: Generic Collector badge
No: Personalized membership logo
Yes: Generic Collector badge
10Voting Rights1 vote per CollectorNo Voting Rights

* Important Limitations Regarding Sales of Meteorites:

No more than two (2) individual and unrelated items, two lots of items where items in each lot are same (e.g., a group of Chelyabinsk individuals, slices of same meteorite previously classified by Collector or other GMA member), or one of each per month. Sales are restricted regardless of forum including but not limited to Organization’s website, Catawiki, eBay, Facebook or any meteorite listservs. Trading and buying are unlimited. Anyone who posts more than two (2) items/lots for sale per month (as defined above) will be considered a dealer and require a Business membership. Since auction house sales are infrequent and regulated, placing items for sale with an auction house like Sotheby’s or Bonham’s is excluded from the above limitation if items are not sold using the GMA logo, name or member number.


Collector members must adhere to the Website Terms of Service, Code of Ethics, Bylaws and all associated documents.


Collector membership requires two (2) recommendations, review by GMA Membership Committee, then a vote by full Board of Directors. All requirements listed in Membership Descriptions & Requirements.