Our Purpose & Mission


The Global Meteorite Association, Inc. (GMA) is a nonprofit global organization that embraces the entire meteorite community. Its members share an appreciation and enthusiasm for meteorites and the hobby of collecting meteorites. The GMA and its members also believe in expanding the general public’s awareness about and confidence in meteorites, collecting meteorites and the association itself by means of education, outreach and upholding and safeguarding the principles of the organization.

Primary purposes and mission

  1. Promote the enjoyment of collecting meteorites as a hobby.
    1. Encourage camaraderie within the meteorite community and around the world.
    2. Welcome membership of all individuals regardless of race/ethnicity, sex/gender, gender identity or presentation, sexual orientation, religious/political preference, disability, or other similar characteristic or protected class.
  2. Become an authoritative educational resource.
    1. Educate members and the public on various meteorite related topics.
    2. Actively support youth programs focused on science.
    3. Strive to constantly provide fact-based, timely and interesting information and content.
  3. Facilitate the buying, selling, and trading of properly documented, authentic meteorites and meteorite related materials.
    1. Increase confidence in authenticity of meteorites and business transactions by establishing a framework of standards governed by ethical behavior, mutual respect, transparency, and accountability, and guided by established standards of meteorite science.
    2. Establish a robust and fair complaint system that supports the organization’s policy of “trust but verify” and holds the entire organization accountable.
  4. Encourage the participation of “citizen scientists” in meteorite research and related sciences.
    1. Work together as an organization or as individual members with scientists and researchers to answer scientific questions and expand meteoritic knowledge.
  5. Establish a board culture dedicated to effective governance, and that operates and adapts for the sole benefit of its members and the meteorite community at large.
    1. The board shall hold itself to the highest standards of professionalism, transparency and integrity always acting in the best interests of the Global Meteorite Association as well as the greater meteorite community.
    2. All members of the Global Meteorite Association should strive to install new directors based on their merit (not popularity), dedication to serve, and commitment to the mission of the organization.