Who Can Recommend You

First and foremost, please ask the people you wish to provide a recommendation for you if they are willing to do so.


There are many ethical and reputable people that may not be known by others in our community. This situation can create an issue for people wanting to join the Global Meteorite Association, Inc. (GMA) and becoming a member. Our intention is not to create barriers to entry, but to ensure that all members can have full confidence in every other member so that we may maintain the highest ethical standards and create an environment of trust and transparency.

Please note that due to conflict of interest considerations, the President of the GMA Board of Directors may not provide recommendations for applicants. However, they will participate in the board vote like any other director.

Strategies for Finding People to Recommend You

Join as Supporter

First, there are no recommendations required to join as a Supporter. If after following the suggestions below, you are still unable to come up with the required number of recommendations, we would suggest joining at the Supporter level and getting to know more people in our community. The GMA website provides forums and groups, as well as a members-only FB group, where you can participate. In time, more people will get to know you and they may be approached to provide the needed recommendation(s) to change your membership class from Supporter to either Collector or Business.

Recommendations for Collector & Business Applicants

Outside Recommendations

Applicants may seek the recommendations of people outside the GMA. These are people with whom you have personal relationships such as well known and well regarded scientists, researchers, museum curators, unaffiliated meteorite collectors and dealers, or even members of any other nonprofit meteorite-related organization. The only limitation is that they cannot be family members or part of a business in which you are involved.