There are three types of Affiliates:

  1. Business (for-profit) that wishes to gain a financial and/or marketing benefit from associating and being affiliated with the GMA. The for-profit business will be asked to make a donation to the GMA. The relationship may be codified as a memorandum of understanding (MoU) or as a legally binding contract.
  2. Organization/Group (non-profit) that is focused on astronomy, meteorites, science outreach, or a scientific organization that studies impact craters, meteorites, dust particles, astrophysics, astrobiology, and other space-related sciences. This type of affiliate membership is provided for free.
  3. GMA Trusted Business member that is willing to provide an exclusive discount to our members. This type of affiliate membership is provided for free.

Please contact and to discuss how our organizations can work together to achieve our respective missions. This class of membership is open to any qualifying organizations with whom the GMA shares marketing synergy or opportunities to help grow both organizations.

After reviewing the business case based on merits and future collaboration, the Board shall vote by simple majority to approve Affiliate status. Trusted Business members do not require a Board vote and will be designated with an Affiliate badge.