Meteorites and meteorite science are fascinating subjects for all ages. Since outreach and education are core missions for the GMA, the GMA welcomes all young minds and their educators interested in science and meteorites. Educational members are encouraged to explore the website content, and learn from and interact with our members forums.


Explorer membership is always free for anyone who is a minimum of 14 years old and less than 18 years old, and their educators teaching students in primary or secondary school.

Benefits & Limitations

1 Biographical Profile Limited
2 Visibility Educators: Basic listing on public membership page
3 Selling No sales/trades under GMA brand
4 Groups / Forums Participate in limited forums
6 Private Messaging None
7 CoMets (Catalog of Meteorites) View only
8 Access Access to all educational content
9 GMA Membership Logo & Badge No membership logo
Yes: Generic Educational badge
10 Voting Rights No voting rights


Educational members must adhere to the Website Terms of Service.


Members must be a minimum of 14 years old and less than 18 years old, or an educator teaching in a primary or secondary school. Applicant will need to fill out the online Educational Membership form. Membership is automatically approved upon submission of application. No recommendations are needed for this membership level. However, the application will be reviewed by the Chair of the Membership Committee to ensure application is properly completed and does not violate the Organization’s terms of use, or policies, and does not include spam or any inappropriate content.

All requirements are listed in Membership Descriptions & Requirements.