KD Meteorites has been stabilizing and restoring meteorites since 1990 using our proprietary process that will help extend the life of iron and stony-iron meteorites, helping to preserve them for years of future enjoyment.  Our stabilization and restoration services have been utilized by many university and museum collections, including the University of New Mexico, ASU and the Maine Gem & Mineral Museum to name a few.  We are pleased to offer an exclusive 10% discount off of our standard rates for GMA Collector and Business members!  Contact us today to see why the finest collections in the world trust KD Meteorites to stabilize and restore their specimens. Visit our Meteorite Stabilization and Restoration Services page to learn more or contact us at Please reference your active GMA membership number in any correspondence.

George Peneff of Meteorites, LTD has been providing various meteorite-related services for many years. He has recently brought to market a diamond wire saw with features typically only found at the highest and most expensive end of the spectrum.

Meteorite Times Magazine is an on-line bi-monthly magazine devoted to meteorites. Readers will find it full of meteorite articles, images, and stories about the people of the meteorite community. Read and learn about meteorites through the eyes of meteorite collectors, hunters, dealers, and researchers, as they study, hunt for, photograph, and collect meteorites from around the world.

New Mexico Meteoritic Services is a nonprofit service managed by the Center for Meteoritic Studies. NMMS offers analysis and classification services for suspected meteorites in association with the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico, as well as the microprobe lab at University of Colorado at Boulder. NMMS provides GMA Collector and Business members with a 20% discount on all analysis and classification services.

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