Major Impact Donors

The Global Meteorite Association would like to thank the the following people and businesses who have donated $500 or more:

Year (Month) Donor Name (Organization) Amount Link Purpose
2022 (November) Wayne Tseng (EDOM Technology) $25,000 LinkedIn profile Support the goals of the GMA by allocating resources to website development and implementing educational initiatives.
A personal note (from Mendy Ouzillou): I have worked in high-tech my entire professional life and have forged many relationships. I met Wayne as a very young marketing manager over 20 years ago during my first visit to Asia in general and Taiwan in particular. Over these many years a friendship grew that eventually led to me working with Wayne as a consultant starting in 2015. During my last visit to Taiwan in Sept. 2022, I told him about my GMA activities and need for funding, and he agreed to make this amazing donation. Wayne has shown time and again to care for worthy causes and communities, and I, on a personal level, and we as a Board can never thank him enough for his generosity to the GMA and his trust. Thank you Wayne, you’ve made a huge difference!