Classification Status

When a meteorite is in process of being classified, seller must disclose that the classification is not final and must use the word “possible” in front of classification. This requirement also applies if selling an unclassified meteorite.

Example: Classification in process, possible CI1
Example: Unclassified meteorite, possible HED

Due to previous policies no longer in effect, the Meteorite Bulletin has published many meteorites that are listed as “provisional”. Provisional meteorites are those that never fully completed classification for various reasons including for example a missing type deposit.  When a meteorite is listed in the MetBull as “provisional”, the seller must disclose its status and must use the word “provisional” in a prominent place in any sales listing or offer. The preferred location is after the meteorite name in the first instance of the name being used. Example: Meteorite NWA #### (Provisional)