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The moment I first touched a meteorite in the Atlas mountains of Morocco, it ignited a furnace of interest and passion that drives me to this day, informing nearly every part of my life.  After several years interning with those more experienced than me, I began to get my bearings, and started down a new path on my own. It eventually developed into Top Meteorite, a company devoted to finding the best meteorites in the world to offer them for sale to those who might want them.

My inborn inquisitiveness and genuine affinity for science soon saw me veer down a path that led to a mountain so big, at first I thought its foothills held the summit! Meteoritic diagnostics, the process of analysis and classification of meteorites soon reignited a passion in me that had been lately waning. The day-to-day management of a commercial meteorite company offered less and less opportunity for personal growth. It simply didn’t invigorate me like it used to. I was, and still am, committed to Top Meteorite but I needed more. So, I started up the path to the first of the foothills that I was still mistaking for the mountains. Despite my vast underestimation of how much there was to learn, one step leads to another and so on and so forth, and eventually you find yourself where you wanted to be, even if you didn’t know it when you started out. After many years of dogged study, often times waiting years for a concept to finally break through as my accumulated knowledge base finally reached a critical mass that allowed me to truly comprehend it. Slowly a grater coherence began to, and continues to emerge. With the great assistance of others, including the University of New Mexico’s Institute of Meteoritics, was born New Mexico Meteoritic Services.

A fun benchmark for me on this daunting path, was when NWA 13390 Lunar Fragmental Breccia was approved by Nomenclature Committee and published in Met Bull.  This was the first meteorite that I performed all of the geochemical and petrological analysis for, and submitted on my own with only a pre-submission review by Dr. Agee. Next came Hillsboro, a New Mexico chondrite, and many more on the way. It was a long road that required a lot of intense study, humility, and dedication, but it was always fascinating and felt like the right path. Now it seems to be much easier. I feel like I am beginning to know a little more of what I don’t know.

My first meteorite was a half kilo H5 ordinary chondrite that I bought from a school teacher in the village of Ait Hani, in Morocco. Since then I have searched for, found, and studied meteorites from over 23 countries and still counting!

I tend to specialize in lunar, martian, ungrouped achondrites, and certain carbonaceous chondrites with high percentages of volatiles still remaining. However, it seems like any class of meteorite can be compelling in some significant way  and move me to consider it worth spending time on. I guess then, my favorite meteorite is the next one I will find, or the next one I will classify, or the next one I get to study…

As for mentors and favorite dealers: Early on Dr. Agee, Dr. Zeigler, Dr. Rubin, and Dr. Wasson were mind bogglingly patient with me. It cannot be overstated that without Dr. Agee’s oversight and tutelage,  NMMS would not exist and my knowledge of geochemistry and meteoritic diagnostics would be a shadow of what it is. While there are certainly too many to list, Sean Tutorow and Brahim Tahiri were my early mentors in the field and opened the door to my first meteorite business. Sean in particular was key to helping me get the taxonomy down and to develop an eye for meteoritic textures. He taught me more than I can convey.  Later business mentors and friends such as (in no particular order): Mendy Ouzillou, Joshua Eisler, Ruben Garcia, Keith and Dana Jenkerson, ET, Blaine Reid, Mike Miller, Adam Aronson, Mustapha Oulkouch, Dima and Serge, Steve Arnold, Geoff Notkin,  and so many others helped me in so many ways I could never list or recognize there contributions.

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