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I am a Computer Engineer and have a Master degree in Science. I am also an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer. My interest in meteorites began naturally from the fusion of my interest in astronomy and geology. I was fascinated by the possibility of literally “touch the stars”. My relationship with celestial objects until then was only cold and distant through telescopes. Being able to touch an object that was only recently in an orbit far from Earth has opened up a range of possibilities.

Taking advantage of the lack of availability of meteorites in the Brazilian market, I have started to make meteorites available through my website, which until then was focused on astronomy, to also include my collection of meteorites, articles related to meteorites and also a section where I could sale specimens. I am currently the leading supplier of meteorites in Brazil. Making meteorites available to new collectors, science teachers and museuns in Brazil.

My main focus on meteorite collecting is Brazilian meteorites. The collection gathers samples of 94% (74 of ~80 total) of all Brazilian meteorites officialized in the Meteoritical Bulletin. Forming the largest collection of Brazilian meteorites when considering the variety of falls.

Brazil is a continental country, but it has a very small number of known meteorites: only ~80 meteorites in the Meteoritical Bulletin. USA has a similar large area and has more than 2000 known meteorites. Inspired by Ninninger and some other contemporary meteorite hunters such as Robert Haag and the Brazilian Wilton Carvalho, I was attracted by the possibility of being able to contribute to the meteorite field in Brazil.

From 2010 to the present moment, I have worked in almost all Brazilian meteorite falls: Varre-Sai (2010), Vicência (2013), Porangaba (2015), Três Irmãos, Serra Pelada (2017) and Santa Filomena (2020). I have also worked, in partnership with the local government of Aiquile, in the first Bolivian meteorite fall (2016). In some cases was lucky to recover fragments in fall site or acquiring directly from the local people.

I also carried out a search of meteorites with the use of metal detectors in the following strewn fields: Santa Catharina, São João Nepomuceno, Itapuranga, Campinorte, Maria da Fé and Bendegó.

I offer a free meteorite identification service through both Internet messaging services or mailing. It is a hard work in which hundreds of samples are analyzed in order to be able to find a real meteorite. I was able to identify 3 new Brazilian iron meteorites: Cruz Alta (2013), Pontes e Lacerda (2014) and Nossa Senhora do Livramento (2016) and more few others still in classification.

I always values the scientific side of the activity by providing material for classification, describing the meteorite fall or finding conditions and making the meteor trajectory and dark flight analysis. Contributing during the classification and submission of new Brazilian meteorites to the Nomenclature Committee of the Meteoritical Society. My last submission occurred in 2020 and was related to the Santa Filomena meteorite.

I am also a co-founder of BRAMON (Brazilian Meteor Network) and SMB (Brazilian Meteoritical Society).

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