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1) How did you get interested in meteorites? I started with the minerals, but then I looked up to the sky …
2) What was the first meteorite you purchased and which is your favorite meteorite now? My first meteorite was the Chinese Nantan (iron IAB) now I am very attracted to chondrites
3) How has your collection changed over the years and what is your present focus/passion/goals? My collection is enriched every year more and more currently I have more than 100 meteorites and numerous various impacts. I would like to have at least one sample for each type of meteorite, I don’t miss much
4) Who are some of your favorite meteorite dealers you have purchased from in past? I bought and traded from many resellers, mainly from Francesco Moser, Giorgio Tomelleri and Sergey Vassiliev
5) Who are the people that you consider your mentors? I learned a lot from Vincenzo de Michele, former director of the Milan museum, researcher and explorer, but also from Francesco Moser and Vanni Cecchi Moggi, curator of the Earth sciences department in Florence
6) How can the GMA help improve your knowledge about meteorites? Exchanging information and news, getting to know other fans and sharing ideas and projects
7) Any other relevant information (add as many lines as you desire) so we can get to know you better? I am a popularizer: I lecture and organize exhibitions on meteorites, especially involving school children. I also participate as a reseller at trade fairs to finance the collection, a few months ago I started doing field research in collaboration with other associations and researchers. I like to study and deepen the various theories on the origins of the solar system. I wrote an ebook (see favorite books) on meteorites and I’m writing others on the impact of meteorites in human history.
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