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1) How did you get interested in meteorites?
Started collecting 20 years ago. Been a life-long astronomer and bought a meteorite at an Astronomy Trade Show in 2000
2) What was the first meteorite you purchased and which is your favorite meteorite now?
First was a campo / favorite is my Martian Shergottite that I had classified – NWA 10728
3) How has your collection changed over the years and what is your present focus/passion/goals?
Collection had grown exponentially and I am recently obsessed with hammer falls
4) Who are some of your favorite meteorite dealers you have purchased from in past?
Mendy, Blaine Reed, Ishmaly Mohammad, Moritz Karl
5) Who are the people that you consider your mentors?
No meteorite mentors, just a large group of people that I interact with and learn from
6) How can the GMA help improve your knowledge about meteorites?
I’d love to have more info on how to care for the collection better e.g: handle rusting, stabilization, etching, etc.
7) Any other relevant information (add as many lines as you desire) so we can get to know you better?
I’ve worked some trade shows as a knowledge expert and have an expert level knowledge in astronomy and fluorescent minerals as well. I’m only a collector. I’ve never sold and mets that were part of my personal collection.

Number of Meteorites Sold or Traded

A few per year

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Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, Denver Show