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Noord Holland



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1) How did you get interested in meteorites? As a child i was interested in anything space related
2) What was the first meteorite you purchased and which is your favorite meteorite now? My first meteorite was a Sikhote Alin shrapnel bought at a small mineral fair (still have it), my favourite meteorite at the moment are my Utrecht and Uden specimens because they are from my home country the Netherlands
3) How has your collection changed over the years and what is your present focus/passion/goals? My collection changed from specimens from everywhere to mostly European specimens and my goal is to keep trying to expand my collection
4) Who are some of your favorite meteorite dealers you have purchased from in past? My favourite dealers are Tomasz Jakubowski, Martin Goff, to name a few
5) Who are the people that you consider your mentors? Also Tomasz, Martin, Jarkko Kettunen and Rob Lenssen
6) How can the GMA help improve your knowledge about meteorites? I would say clear, simple (when possible) explanations regarding shapes, features, composition etc. accompanied by a clear photo
7) Any other relevant information (add as many lines as you desire) so we can get to know you better? I am collecting about 8 years now. I have attended the Ensisheim show 5 times, my wife Caroline 4 times. I hope this new Association will be a succes and hope and trust to keep learning from everyone more knowledgeable than me.

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Expert (Hobbyist) – Understand advanced topics.

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Every Ensisheim show since 2015