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1) How did you get interested in meteorites? Martin Rhodes sold me a Campo de Cielo on Astromart
2) What was the first meteorite you purchased and which is your favorite meteorite now? Campo de Cielo Oriented, Almahatta Sitta
3) How has your collection changed over the years and what is your present focus/passion/goals? My collection is oriented to teaching about meteorites
4) Who are some of your favorite meteorite dealers you have purchased from in past? Martin Rhodes, John Humphries, Wayne Harrigan, Geoff Notkin, Aerolite, others
5) Who are the people that you consider your mentors? Geoff Notkin
6) How can the GMA help improve your knowledge about meteorites? information about classifications and latest scientific information
7) Any other relevant information (add as many lines as you desire) so we can get to know you better? I have been heavily involved in astronomy outreach since 2004, giving astronomy programs, including meteorites, and observing outreach to well over 12,000 people. I take meteorite talks to schools, and allow all attendees to handle, feel, and smell my meteorites. I have been giving talks in the Road Scholar program for about 10 years. I am IMCA member #7610, recommended by Martin Rhodes and John Humphries. My astronomy outreach program has received corporate industry support from Meade Instruments, Celestron, Sky Watcher, Ioptron, Explore Scientific, Daystar Filters, Lunt Solar, Astrotrac, BC&F, and others. I am currently a Meade Brand Ambassador and Explore Scientific Alliance Ambassador. I gave a meteorite talk on the Explore Scientific Global Star Party and my section starts at 1:12:00.

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