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1) How did you get interested in meteorites?
I met Haag in Tucson a few decades ago and bought my first meteorites that day. Previously Nininger sent me a couple small specimens when I was a kid.
2) What was the first meteorite you purchased and which is your favorite meteorite now?
My first was a Canyon Diablo. My favorite is Esquel
3) How has your collection changed over the years and what is your present focus/passion/goals?
I tend to buy larger or better quality mets these days. I collect a bit of everything.
4) Who are some of your favorite meteorite dealers you have purchased from in past?
Ward, Farmer, Haag, Cottingham, Humphreys, Bostic, Pzr, Graul, Schooler, Fujihara, Amara, Vargas, Lyon, Rouzer, Shea, Arnold, Mitterling, Spinnato
5) Who are the people that you consider your mentors?
Harvey Nininger – corresponded in the 70s when I was a teenager
6) How can the GMA help improve your knowledge about meteorites?
I need to catch up on recent falls.
7) Any other relevant information (add as many lines as you desire) so we can get to know you better?
I am interested in herpetology, ethnobotany, antiquarian books, ham radio, and AWD turbo cars