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1) My wife, Jodi, began collecting terrestrial rocks and crystals. I took an interest in meteorites in order to share in her hobby.
2) It’s a little tumbled Campo. My favorite one now is a super oriented unclassified NWA that I bought from Isabella Portier. If you’re asking for favorite named meteorites, I’d have to say Sylacauga, because it hit Ms. Hodges, and I live about twenty minutes from there.
3) What started as a few riker boxes at the bottom of Jodi’s case is now my own led lit China cabinet. I like historical pieces and orientation. I don’t really have a focus. I tend to just buy things that interest me.
4) Topher Spinnato and Mark Lyon.
5) Topher Spinnato and Pat Brown.
6) I’m not really sure. Everyone always answers any questions I can’t find answers to, or knows who to ask. Other than a well moderated forum, I can’t think of anything.

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Tucson Gem & Mineral Show